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MDC Mould is a compression tooling company with high quality level, and provides various compression toolings and solutions for many industries and customers, such as thermoplastic toolings, thermosetting toolings, glass reinforced toolings, carbon fiber tooling and etc.

What is tooling in compression?

Compression tooling is a tooling that forms and cures a material by compression, which is called tablet compression tooling in the pharmaceutical industry, or you can also call it punch and die tooling. That is, material plasticizing, flowing and filling the cavity, resin curing. In the process of filling the die cavity with the material, not only the resin flow, but also the reinforcing material flow along with it. Compression tooling is also widely used in agriculture, transportation, electricity, chemicals, building, construction, machinery and other fields.

Based on our many years experiences, MDC can better control temperature, the way of the material layout, and the key for producing high-quality compression tooling. We are responsible for the final product, and are committed to creating high precision products that meet customer requirements. The use of reinforced steel die, and precision processing technology, can effectively prevent the product stuck to the tooling, to ensure the product performance and quality surface. MDC processing method can effectively improve production efficiency and extend compression tooling life. Our tooling design team can effectively anticipate possible problems during the design phase and deal with them effectively, and we will try our best to deal with them after sales.

MDC Mould has provided more than 116 customers with their customized compression tooling and provide post-compression tooling use guidance and maintenance services. MDC imported advanced equipment, such as five-axis high speed machining , tries to improve the precision of the tooling. In recently years, MDC buys the new 4000T press, which mainly solves the problems of trial large compression parts, such as the top panel of bus, rear hood of the bus and electric vehicle site system, etc. More than 20 years of market experience, enabling us to accurately grasp the development information about the compression industry.

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