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Application of hot pressing process in compression mould

Join Date: 2019-09-12

China Composites Expo 2019 ended perfectly in Shanghai last week( Sep 3rd –Sep 5th ). This year, at the automotive booth, the Innovation-driven development for composites has been attacked many exhibitors. Due to the limited of environment, Automobile manufacturers are increasingly keen to reduce consumption, vehicle weight and develop electric vehicle. Recently, MDC has developed several sets of electric vehicle parts, like SMC battery house, GMT hood, undertray, carbon fiber door panels, etc., all are formed by hot compression.

SMC battery house compression mould

smc compression mould

In mould design, considering a large number of mounting holes around the battery box, direct forming can greatly reduce the subsequent labor costs. In mould milling, MDC has High speed CNC milling machines and Five-axis milling at work shop, to ensure the precision and accuracy of the mould. In mould test, MDC has big pressure machines ranges from 500 till 4000T.

smc compression products

With the development of Composites industry, the technical requirements and innovative development for compression mould are getting higher and higher. MDC, as a professional compression mould manufacturer, Not only in terms of equipment, but also in terms of technological innovation, need continuously progress to suit the market.

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